Welcome tothe Angus Strathspey & Reel Society

Formed in 1963, by Angus Cameron from Kirriemuir, with 8 members, one of whom, Bob Spalding is still playing. Angus conducted the orchestra until 1990 when Frank Robb took over. Angus was a very accomplished fiddler, composer, arranger and conductor and a hard act to follow. It is quite a record to have only 2 conductors in 40 yrs.

Many skilled and weel kent fiddlers have sat in the ranks – Cyril Robb, Willie Todd, Chae Brown, Eck Mill, the Webster brothers, Joe Murray, Paddy Bob, Eck Young, Sandy Vettese, Sandy Beattie, Katherine & Billy Nicholl. Frank has played with the orchestra man and boy, joining in 1967! Lindsay Downie, another local lad, is our current skilled and able Leader. The orchestra has stayed with tradition allowing only stringed instruments and is one of the few orchestras which does not include accordions.

There have been some outstanding performers, who became well known on the Scottish Traditional Music scene throughout the country. Others who can best be described as ‘characters’ of the unforgettable variety.

Office Bearers for 2015/16

Conductor Kathryn Smeaton
Leader Lindsay Downie
Deputy Conductor Frank Robb
President Bob Spalding
Secretary Sandy Ingram
Treasurer Kathryn Smeaton
Festival Secretary Lindsay Downie